Bhopali Batole

The Bhopal culture of Patiyas is now being recognized by the government as part of the Bhopal culture. After destroying the famous Bhopali patiyas for widening the roads of old Bhopal, a festival by the name of “Bhopal Carnival” is being organised between April 19 and 26 where there will be a search for the biggest brag. The Saddan Nawabs of yesteryear were definately a product of the culture prevalent at that time – the Bhopali Batole was just a byproduct of the Bhopali Patiyabazzi.
Will the Bhopali, used to getting drenched in the colors of batole at the patiyas, be satisfied with the sanitized “Herbal Gulal Ka Tika” at a festival?

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    Lacquerware, from the very heart of India
    Madhya Pradesh is located at the center of India and art and craft traditions here also reflect the feelings of the center of heart of the craftsmen. The materials that are used may have changed over the years and the articles that are produced may be on a wider utilitarian range, but a long heritage of tradition continues to add a highly distinctive, individualistic touch to the crafts of Madhya Pradesh.

    The art of wood carving has flourished in many parts of Madhya Pradesh, and the beautifully embellished wooden ceilings, doors and lintels with finely carved designs are silent testimonials of its glory. The wood carvers of Madhya Pradesh, with great sensitivity and skill transform different varieties of wood such as shish, teak, dhudi, sal and kikar into works of art.

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