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Dost Mohammad Khan Bhopal

Around 1672 in Tirah, a small village lying in the tribal area on the border of today’s Pakistan and Afganistan, a son was born to a pathan noble man Sardar Nur Mohammad Khan and was named Dost. Near the turn of century, Dost, the young pathan had grown to be an expert horseman, hunter and swordsman. In Tirah, as in all Afghanistan, every young man was aware of the glory and riches of the Great Moghul Empire which was ruling India under its sixth emperor, Aurangzeb. The young pathan was always seeking an opportunity to cross the Khyber pass and realise his dream of joining the mughal army. He had heard many generations of Afghan travellers who had found fortune in the service of moghul kingdom carried home images of grandeur, fortune and glory.Dost was engaged to Mehrab Bibi, around 1697, from neighbouring Orkzai clan. Dost was a brash, dare-devil, bucaneer character, which led the families involved to decide to get Mehraz Bibi to one of Dost’s cousin. Insulted, Dost created a rumpus, killed his cousin and forced married Mehraz Bibi. As a result, both families shunned and ostracized Dost for this act of apssion and venganence. Fed up with his tense, brooding surroundings, Dost one night saddled his the strongest horse in the stable, tied his scabbard around his waist, thrust some sovereigns in his pocket and galloped to seek his fortune in the distant land of India.
Continued – part 2 and part 3

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