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Yeh Lo Main Hari Piya

Omkar Prasad Nayyar died of cardiac arrest on Sunday. Born on January 16, 1926, in Lahore, Nayyar expired within hours of passing away of Kamleshwar

As has been aptly pointed out by Indscribe about Kamleshwar:

“You go to wikipedia, you’ll find just 3 lines about him. Yes, that’s what we have reduced everybody to. Whoever doesn’t write in English is a nobody in this nation. We may produce lots of Ambanis and Indira Nooyis in future but we are surely going to become a nation of pygmies, who we’d look up to!… sab baune hi bachenge!”

The media is making the nation look more interested in knowing whether Aiswarya and Abhishek are married or not. It is better to say alvida to the like of OP Nayyar sahab and Kamleshwar saying “Yeh Lo Main Hari Piya”


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