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“AIIMS Bhopal is one of the SIX AIIMS like apex healthcare institutes being established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna(PMSSY). With the aim of correcting regional imbalances in quality tertiary level healthcare in the country, and attaining self sufficiency in graduate and postgraduate medical education and training the PMSSY planned to set up 6 new AIIMS like institutions in under served areas of the country.

These institutions are being established by an Act of Parliament on the lines of the original All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi which imparts both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in all its branches and related fields, along with nursing and paramedical training. to bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the training of personnel in all branches of health care activity.”

Bringing true the worst fears of the above “sarkari” declaration, AIIMS Bhopal is the proverbial government “work in progress” since Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government announced on 15th August 2003 establishment of new hospitals on the lines of New Delhi’s AIIMS. The foundation stone was laid on 20th January 2004. Soon after UPA-I government was formed, which luckily decided to go ahead with these institutes.Dr Harshvardan – the Central Health Minister – visited AIIMS Bhopal on 16th June 2014. The work seems to have picked up after this visit.

Only 300 patients are being allowed in Outdoor Patient (OPD) as on date. For this, tokens are distributed in the morning from 8 AM onwards till 11 AM officially. However the ground reality is ques are seen from as early as 6 AM. Tokens of two series A and B are distributed – one each – on first come first served basis. The tokens reportedly are over by 8.30 AM, by which time the registration counters alos open up. Two queues are formed for series A and B. It takes about 1.15 minutes for one person to register at the counter. For registration name, address, mobile number, medical depatment you want to goto and an amount of Rs 10/- is asked for. Once you have registered, you can go to the respective department, get your pulse, blood pressure recorded at the nursing station outside and wait for your turn with the doctor.

For follow up visits you require the registration number printed on the registration prescription. This registration number is unique to a person and should be saved for future references. You require to pay Rs 10/- and move on to the respective department, without any token problem any longer! Most common investigations are available in the premises, for some you might be asked to get them done form outside.

Another interesting facility is the Jan Aushadhi facility started for cheap medicines by the government. This operates fromĀ  Gurudev Tagore Complex – located on the road leading from RRL to AIIMS after crossing the the AIIMS hospital turn. Open from Morning 8 AM to 8 PM the medicines are unusually cheap, and the owner is pretty helpfull.
How to reach – Turn left from Regional Research Laboratory after crossing the Habibganj under bridge. After crossing Sagar Public School on your right you can see the AIIMs building. Take a right turn and act important to convince the guards that you are authorized to park the vehicle in front the AIIMs building. If unsuccessful, take the turn after divider and park on the other side of the road, walk across the divider. So if you have a patient you are taking along with you, you would like to win this one.Tokens distributed in the morning are a major bottle neck. Reports abound about budding entrepreneurs selling these tokens. If you fail to manage a token, just wait patiently while the token holders line finishes and politely request the staff – not the guards – for a registration after they are relatively free. They usually oblige. This happens by about 12 noon give or take an hour.

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