British Council Library Bhopal

Initially I did not believe it.


 How is this possible?
This should be a rumor, some misinformation somewhere, some clerical mistake. It would be some thing else. I Googled for the news, see no results. It appears only some newspapers covered it, how could this be? There has to be an official announcement on the web, some news some where.
May be the news paper is playing some kind of prank, playing April fool in December? The next day the paper would clarify, saying that all this was a big joke?
During the older times the Bhopali refused to believe that there could be a water body bigger then Bhopal lake. Standing in front of the Arabian Sea at Bombay the Bhopali later said “Is ke age bade talab ki kya bisat?” (What is Upper Lake in front of this?).
Bhopal came in front of the ocean of knowledge in 1965, when he moved to Banganga area of Bhopal. He moved to a permanent residence at Guru Tej Bahadur Complex of New Market in 1975, moving closer to the heart of Bhopal and the hearts of the Bhopali. Generations grew up referring to him for knowledge on subjects to as varied as literature, management and fiction. For the professionals, he offered knowledge on Economics, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Management, Medicine and Science and Technology. Lately his character had changed from an aloof character to the affinity of a mall, with the ever existing treasure of knowledge in books and periodicals reinforced by internet and Compact disks and DVDs. The acquaintances had changed from the self immersed intellectuals of yesteryear to the self indulgent students of today. The meetings which were auspicious and august occasions of study and research had turned into meeting places of friends for fixing up the next outing to movies. All this said he remained the most knowledgeable, the most beloved and the most recognized for most Bhopalis. There are predictably many protests on this bolt from the blue. The Bhopali is sad, very sad in anticipation of loosing a guiding light of Bhopal.
(The British Council of India has announced the closure of British Council Library (BCL) at Bhopal on 29th February 2008)

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  1. Did sure come as a shock, a bolt from the blue, trust the Brits to come up with lightning blows like this. GOD save the Queen, for she knows not in whose midst she’s living.

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